Selection Policy

Selecting a new member for your cooperative is a very important responsibility, one which ensures that the new member settles in well, gets involved and has harmonious relationships with other members. It is essential that a clear selection policy, one which represents the values and operation of your cooperative, is in place before new members are chosen.

The following template for a selection policy defines the preselection and selection criteria for members. It also specifies how dwellings are allocated. This was revised in order to ensure fairness and equity in choosing new members and in allocating available dwellings.

The member selection regulations are adopted in a general meeting and must be shared with all members.

This template has been suggested by the Federation. Your cooperative may choose different rules based on your needs and your realities, as long as they do not breach the legal provisions specified in the Quebec Civil Code, in the Cooperatives Act and in the Canadian and Quebec Charters of Rights and Freedoms. Your policy needs to follow the obligations in your own operating agreement, as well as the cooperative’s other rules and policies and the code of conduct presented in point 4 of the regulation.

Convincing Fellow Members to Revise Member Selection Procedures

Here are some suggestions for ways you can start a conversation with other members of your cooperative about updating your member selection procedures:

  • Remind them of how important member selection is for the cooperative’s healthy governance;
  • Mention the need to verify what elements are considered in the selection process;
  • Discuss ways to avoid discrimination and encourage equity in member selection;
  • Talk about how a clear policy will allow members to avoid possible disagreements or conflicts of interest when choosing members.

Speak out!

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