Women’s Participation

Discover a project, tools and ideas to make your housing co-op a more equal and inclusive place to live.

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Encouraging Women’s Empowerment

Women may be the majority of residents in housing cooperatives, but they remain under-represented in cooperatives’ decision-making positions. They also need to deal with specific problems which have never previously been targeted in the cooperative movement.

The “Women’s Participation, Women’s Power” project was carried out from 2017 to 2020 in the Montreal area. It has allowed us to identify these issues, to encourage participation from women in cooperatives, and give them the tools to define their goals, priorities and means of action in order to take their place within the cooperative movement.


This project is part of an inclusive gender-based analysis (GBA+) approach, a process which, from the time an initiative is put in place, aims to consider the different realities of diverse groups of people: men, women and people with diverse gender identities. The “+” indicates that the analysis is not limited to sex or to gender, but to a variety of types of exclusion which can occur at the same time, such as: age, religion, disability, ethnic origin, etc.

How Inclusive is Your Co-op?

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