The Member’s Contract

The contract template provided aims to not only clarify the rights and obligations of both the cooperative and of its members, but also to confirm that members agree with the cooperative’s objectives as well as the rules which govern its internal management.

By signing a contract, members understand that the cooperative is a legal entity governed by the Cooperatives Act. The template includes the cooperative’s commitments, including the reduced rent given to members in exchange for their involvement in the cooperative’s activities, as well as its belief in cooperative values and in the economic and social objectives of the cooperative.

Convincing Fellow Members to Review Members’ Contracts

Here are some suggestions for ways you can start a conversation with other members of your cooperative about bringing your member’s contract up to date:

  • Discuss including the Declaration of Principles to eliminate and prevent violence against women in housing cooperatives;
  • Discuss including a mediation clause, as recommended by the Code of Civil Procedure since January 1, 2016;
  • Discuss ensuring that the cooperative is a safe place to live.

Speak out!

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