Building Rules

Building rules are designed to better realize the mission and objectives of the cooperative, to govern life inside and outside the building and ensure that each resident is happy to live in the cooperative. They are addressed to all renters and occupants, whether or not they are members of the coop. These rules are adopted in a general meeting by members.

This template has been prepared according to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Quebec Civil Code, the Act Respecting the Administrative Housing Tribunal, and all other applicable legislation; it expands on this legislation.

A copy of the building rules must be given to each renter before the lease is signed. Box D on the lease, which asks if there are building rules, must be marked “yes”. This way, the building rules are automatically renewed each time the lease is renewed.

Adopting building rules is not enough to ensure a pleasant atmosphere in the building. It is equally important that renters treat their neighbors with respect and act in a non-violent way.

Convincing Fellow Members to Revise Building Rules

Here are some suggestions for ways you can start a conversation with other members of your cooperative about revising your building’s rules:

  • To keep dwellings clean and in good shape, decreasing the expenses which effect rent costs;
  • To ensure that responsibilities are equally shared between renters and the cooperative;
  • To review the legal rights and obligations of each party (for instance, regarding cannabis use);
  • To ensure that the cooperative is a safe place to live with harmonious cohabitation.

Speak out!

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